Monday, May 4, 2015

Claire's Name Story

I wrote this for a photo book for Claire. Imagine each space being a page with a beautiful picture of Claire.

You were born just as the sun was rising and your father wanted to call you Sunshine. We did not know that though, for 7 months, and we were told we could pick a name for you. Your mother did not know what to name you. I think perhaps she was too sad to know what to choose.

We choose Claire. Claire means "bright" and we choose it because our hope in Jesus is bright.

Bright and sure as the rising of the sun after a dark night. Like the sun that shone on you the morning you were born.

Bright and joyful as the colors of spring flowers after a cold and dreary winter.

Bright as your eyes that light up our world.  

Our hope for your life was bright too. We knew that God has a good plan for you, even before we had any idea what that plan was.

And we are so thankful that you being a part of our family was in His plan. You make our hearts laugh, dear daughter.

You are a treasured gift. We treasure every day. And now we get to treasure you forever.

We got to choose a middle name at your adoption. We choose Evelynn. It means "wished for child." Because you were and we are so thankful God granted our wish.

You are also named after your great Aunt Lynn, just like Mommy.

Aunt Lynn is a hero. Not really the kind you might read about in books. She doesn't fight daring battles against dragons. She doesn't rescue people from burning houses like a fireman.

But she gets up every day and she loves her family. She loves her husband, Uncle Jim. Most of all, Aunt Lynn loves Jesus. When she was younger, she traveled far to tell other people about how Jesus loved them and helped those people with things they needed.

It makes her happy to help and give to other people. Even, or especially, if it is hard for her. She gives with joy. Thinking of other people first is a very hard thing to do, but that is what makes her the happiest.

When Grandpa Mark was sick she came every week to visit to make it easier for Grandma Sue. This was one of the ways she showed them that she loved them. They knew she loved them.

When mommy didn't have a mommy and daddy anymore, Aunt Lynn made sure she was taken care of, even though she was all grown up. And it made Mommy feel happy and comfortable even when she was sad.

When Uncle Jim got very sick, she said, "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!" When Ryan got cancer, she said, "Still, God is good." Aunt Lynn knows that a lot of the times the things God has planned for you might not feel good, but still are good.

Darling Claire Evelynn. We do not know where God will take you in your life. But we know that Heaven is sure, sure as the sun rising and as the spring coming. And we are confident that the joys of heaven will make up for anything that is hard here. So we will think about our bright hope while we wait and work, like Aunt Lynn. We will be patient and be excited about that day that will be brighter than the brightest sunrise. We will love Jesus and hope and give to our family and friends. And we will treasure you, our precious little daughter, our special gift.
For today, we'll enjoy the adventure,

Treasure being sisters,
And forever be family.


  1. so beautiful, so good. thanks for sharing your heart and your sweet love of life with us.

  2. Sami, this is wonderfully written! Your family is beautiful and your faith in Jesus is a continual inspiration. I love you <3

    1. Thanks cousin! Love you too! <3