Thursday, September 1, 2011


The paint had barely dried on my final art project which finished the decoration for our new foster baby's room. Everything I needed was ready. Then... We find out we are pregnant!! Amazing. My favorite line on this was "Best Choice Maker." I have been dreaming of helping kids through adoption for as long as I can remember. So this is a little shock and a big change in plans. We had one meeting left with our social worker, we were about 5 weeks away from being allowed to have babies placed in our home. But I am confident that God makes the best choices for us and I'm resting in His kindness and wisdom.

So it is a change in plans, but it is an easy, happy one. There have been times that God has changed my plans and it was hard for me. This one isn't. Well, truthfully, there is frustration for all my expectations for this upcoming year, but that's all it is--a year, a year and a half and my plans are back on! And in the mean time, we will be welcoming a precious little one into the world. Like I said in our first post, I love babies any way I can get them. And we already love this little one!

I look at this post and realize it sounds a little contradictory. Am I happy or sad? The truth is, both. I am sad that our happy blessing does exclude something I really, really wanted to do (even if it is only temporary). But I'm very, very happy about our sweet new upcoming blessing. But I don't feel like one negates the other, I just feel both at the same time. Hey, I'm pregnant, aren't I allowed wacky emotions? What good is all this if I don't get a free pass? :)

The nitty gritty on our foster plans: They require that our baby is 6 months before they will reopen our file, and then they will asses how our family is and if we're ready to proceed. We still are close to finishing our file, and that won't be much more to complete. We will probably have to do some more class hours, but that shouldn't be a big deal. It should be quick and easy to be ready again, and we are still very committed to foster-adoption.

Now, we wait and enjoy the blessings God has given us (sometime mid April)!