Sunday, May 8, 2011


Our family has an announcement: we are going to be signing up to fost-adopt!! We have always loved kids and this is something we have been thinking, praying and dreaming about for years now. We have weighed all the options for adoption, and have chosen fost-adopt through the state as what we hope will be the best fit for our family. We are very excited about what this will mean for our family!!

I want to use this blog as a way of sharing with everybody the process as we go, as well as explaining some of our thoughts and motivations for adoption. Since we'll be going through the state, I'm going to leave off all personal identifiers.

As excited as we are about this, we recognize that it won't be perfectly seamless or free of difficulty (we're ok with that!). We would love prayers from you, our wonderful friends and family, who have always supported us. I can't think of anyone that has a more loving support system than we have... Wouldn't it be selfish not to share???

First step: meeting with the agency. We hope to be licensed in 5-6 months, ready for kids by November!!


  1. What a beautiful plan and what a mighty God we serve!! I am excited for you, of course. But honestly I am in tears, excited for the child/children that God has for you. Your family will be such a dream and such a blessing to someone who right now has no one. I will be praying for that children and for you four and the journey you are beginning.

  2. What a blessing you and Kevin will be to any child that comes into your home. I am excited for you and can't wait to see how the Lord uses your family for such a great purpose. God bless you for doing this!